About Us

To All That Made This Possible – Because of you, prayers to God were answered!
It's incredible to think it has been so long since the “Grinch” stole 200 toys from The Aberdeen's Wedding Flowers in Chicago! It was the story of the 2003 holiday season! We hoped to replace them, so we could continue our families Christmas Eve tradition of delivering toys to children at Cook County, Rush St. Lukes and Mt. Sinai Hospitals. With only a week to go it looked bleak. Thousands of toys later, we delivered toys to over 30 locations in 7 days! Because of your generosity over 10,000 toys are delivered per year!

Our work does not end after the holiday. It only begins! With your help, we started The 100% Foundation to allow Chicagoland's hospitalized and institutionalized children to benefit throughout the year! Through private funding, we have set up an annual agenda that spreads joy to children in a variety of venues. Please take the time to check our agenda for further information on events.

literacyWhy is the 100% Foundation unique? Are you tired of seeing your charitable donations go mostly to expenses? With the best charitable organization using 75-80% for the cause, many are applying less than half of your donation for the intended purpose. The 100% Foundation will impress you. We use ALL of the funding for the children. ALL expenses (administrative, office and travel) are paid out of our own pockets. Hence the name, The 100% Foundation! Thats right, 100% of the funding goes to the cause. What other organization can make that claim? We also pride ourselves in providing you details each year. Many donors have commented on how important it is to receive feedback.

Our long term goal:
In 2005, we received 501(c)(3) status as a foundation in good standing! We are very focused on maintaining our relationship with the children that we have bonded with in the past. Our program gives them something to look forward to each year, and allows each agency to plan on our assistance. If our agenda remains consistent year after year, we can be proud that we are impacting so many children, while using our funds so wisely. We promise to attend each event we sponsor, and not grow beyond our means.

In the past, “The Grinch Is Still Dead” became our slogan, as it signified the demise of the toy thieves. It is the community rising to defeat the Grinch that is the bigger story. Without each of you, The 100% Foundation would not exist. Whether you sent one toy or 100 or gave $1 or $1000, the collective effort of our community made this happen. Thank you again for making this possible!