The 100% Foundation
P.O. Box 917
Lake Villa, Illinois 60046
(847) 727 3885
The Same Agenda each year? You Bet! We're Dedicated and Consistent!
Our "Traditional" Agenda includes:

The Literacy Program

  • As a component of our "Readers Are Leaders Program", we will donate books to the Stroger County Hospital, for children that visit the clinic. It will allow the Doctors and Nurses to "prescribe" a book to a sick child. The child will get to take the books home!
  • We will supply the Ruth Rothstein Core Center For Children with AIDS, books to give to their children upon their visits. Also, we will have our annual “Readers Are Leaders” party, in which, the children will enjoy food, games, entertainment and fun. The children will get to select books and prizes to take home! This year, the children will enjoy a visit by Benny the Bull and Yo Go the Clown!

The Amanda Butkovich Memorial "Creative Corner" Art Program

  • An Art Center has been established and will continue to be funded for the pediatric ward at La Ribida Hospital and John Stroger Hospital. This gives children in the hospital an opportunity to enjoy art activities during their stay.

The Special Gifts Program

  • We will hand deliver over 2500 Spring Easter Baskets to over 25 locations in Northern Illinois. They will be used for children in residential, foster, clinical and hospital care over the Easter weekend.
  • We will make school supply kits for several food pantries and school districts during August to help children in low-income areas. We will hand out over 1000 kits!
  • We will have the annual Aberdeen’s - 100% Foundation Toy Drive in December. Our goal is to once again hand deliver thousands of toys to Chicagoland’s sick and disadvantaged children. We’ve hand delivered over 50,000 toys to 65 locations since 2003!

The Clowning Around Program

  • Our Clowning Around Program was established to give hospitalized children a reason to smile! Our very own Dr. Guhzunthit will make the rounds, and delight the children at The Stroger County Hospital and Mt. Sinai Hospital on several occasions throughout the year.

The Creating Memories Program (We attend every event we sponsor)

  • In May, we will sponsor the annual “Prom” for the families from the Little City/Kirk School. This amazing event allows the children and their parents to attend a formal evening event complete with tuxes, formal dresses, pictures, food and music at a local banquet hall!
  • We will take a group of children from the Little City/Kirk School to a Chicago Wolves Hockey Game.
  • In July, we will sponsor a group of visually impaired children from the IPVI/Lighthouse For The Blind to attend a special outing, as over 100 children and their families will enjoy a day of fun at the Brookfield Zoo!
  • In August, we will sponsor the Mid West Brain Tumor Center/Lutheran General Hospital- annual “Ped's In The Weed's” summer picnic. Over 300 families will attend with children battling various forms of cancer. We will sponsor portions of the entertainment and prizes for the children to enjoy. We will make many children smile!
  • In November, we will sponsor our annual trip to the Ringling Brothers Circus. With the help of the Rotary Club in Hinsdale/Oakbrook, it has become our tradition to take 50-60 disabled children from the New Horizons Center for the Disabled for a fun day of entertainment, food and surprises!
  • In December, we will sponsor a group of special children from the Southside Children’s Center for the Disabled to attend a Sinfonietta Music Program at Navy Pier.

Filling Wish-lists

  • We will hand deliver wish list supplies to the Lydia House and Lawrence Hall children’s homes and will give art supplies to the Christopher House in Chicago.

As you can see, we have dedicated ourselves to maximizing the funding in the most beneficial and direct way possible. We pride ourselves in being an organization that literally gives 100%. All of our programs are annual, and are meant to create a “tradition” at each organization we sponsor!

We want “our” children to look forward to our involvement each year!